July 6, 2016​

Adello launches 360 Degree Mobile Ads


Premiere: Adello is the first mobile company to launch 360 degree mobile ads which measure interaction in real-time for on-the-fly campaign optimization. The combination of attractive branding opportunity with real-time optimization is a new and compelling opportunity for brands. This new creative ad unit allows to present auto-interiors, hotel suites or any other exquisite visual experience by tying in the sensor of the smartphone to control the movement in all directions.

360-degree marketing has been in the press for a while. However, few have ever launched it so far. Too complex and a lack of intuitive control kept it a niche product.

Adello has taken the 360-degree approach further by putting consumers first. The movement is now controlled by the built-in sensors instead of flimsy action buttons, creating a uniquely intuitive experience.  The built-in real-time feedback-loop allows the campaign to continuously self-optimize for pre-click as well as post-click KPI.​

The new formats have been launched and presented to select clients. First campaigns are expected to launch in Q3 of this year.


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Vanessa Marr

VP Product & Marketing​​