Time to prepare for Christmas sales

Christmas holidays are the magical time of the year. As everyone gets in the mood of holiday shopping, retailers/brands gear up to attract more and more customers by different innovative methods while the most common being aggressive “holiday season” re-designed advertising.

Based on our experience, marketers usually spend approximately 30% more budget on mobile advertising during this season as sales growth estimations are nearly of 40%. Moreover, it’s noticed that a huge chunk of this budget is used in development of this new “holiday season” interactive advertisement.

What if we told you that Adello can help you save this cost of “holiday season design” advertisement development and re-use it in reaching out to more and more customers, hence a better ROI.

Get ready, Christmas is coming!

We, here at Adello, with our experience and expertise, developed several interactive – “holiday season” – customizable ad units which can easily be used to advertise your product, saving you time, energy and money of starting from scratch and gives you an opportunity to have more impressions and clicks, hence better ROI.

Adunit SNOW – latest adunit release with a realistic and a cartoon-like snow version to get your mobile advertisement ready for Christmas time
Scan for preview: Realistic Snow effect
Scan for preview: Cartoon Snow effect

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