Business as usual?!

Dear clients and blog readers!

we are actively observing and evaluating the latest developments around Covid-19. Our priority at the moment is to maintain business with trusted high performance quality while keeping family, friends, coworkers safe at the same time.

We too, have implemented strict rules to slow the spread. And we are staying open for business, most of us in home-office. The switch does not have an impact on our work as working remotely has been practiced in the past in Adello – for us the immediate effects on work-life are hardly noticable.

As we a receiving more concerned emails from trusted clients and partners, we take the chance on covering questions that were raised over the last days.

Is Adello Sales available via call?

Adello Sales team has office presence in shifts and is available during regular business hours via phone. If you wish to re-arrange one of the scheduled meetings, we offer video calls as well.

Are running advertising campaigns affected?

No! Active campaigns are still monitored, start dates ensured and reporting up to schedule. You do not need to be worried about negative effects on any booked or planned campaigns you run with Adello. Our operations team is working full-time to deliver to your expectations.

My campaign needs to be paused or changed…how shall I proceed?

Please contact our sales team! We can support your change requests and will consult you to find the optimal way for the individual campaign that is affected by changes.

Phone lines are busy?

Due to more clients calling, we face busy lines during certain day times. In case you can’t get through, please write us an email. We’ll reach out as soon as we can.

We’d like to thank you for your support and for your openness considering the necessary changes.

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