Advertising in time of crisis

The Coronavirus has brought the world economy to the brink of collapse. Hopes for a quick recovery of the globe are melting away. The path to recovery seems more and more unclear (check the latest data in your city here). The virus has already cost the world tens of billions of dollars, and this is just the beginning, the economists warn.

As physical businesses are forced to close their stores there is a good chance that many of them will never open the doors again. Going out of business for several month can be costly. The only chance to survive is to be adaptive to new challenges and get the work done (or government subsidies).

Now marketers need to find new ways of promoting their brand wherever their audience is during quarantine – online.

In the pursuit of saving every penny, this is the best time to finally switch to programmatic ads.

A programmatic advertising platform is a tool that assists marketers and advertisers in automatically managing digital advertising campaigns.

No intermediate media agencies. No additional cost. No time wasted before going live. Hassle-free – machine learning analyzes the data beyond human possibilities, and which creates the more detailed and individual approach to the request.  

Adello Direct offers a rich library of pre-coded interactive ad units. These capture more human engagement than any other platform – we have human behavior front and center of our optimization. Adello Direct provides industry-leading creative analytics. Our GDPR and CCPA compliant technology works cookie-less, and optimizes on up to 20x more user engagement data. Of course, Adello Direct provides full data and pricing transparency.

Operating a business in time of crisis

These days are truly challenging for us all and also for businesses all around the world. While it is prudent to protect ourselves, we must equally think about how to protect our business. It is imperative to invest money in opportunities and invest that money wisely. One thing is certain, consumer behavior has dramatically changed with the many lockdowns around the world.
The lockdowns do pose an opportunity, as hundreds of millions of downloads of mobile apps prove: more than ever, consumers are mobile. To reach out to them to let those around you know that you are open, that you have stock available, all of that is possible with mobile.

The big opportunity now lies in advertising focusing on the local ads – promote local products, your local store! Let people know, that you are still in business even though your store is ‘closed’ for public. Think of opportunities how you can serve clients despite lockdown by eg offering online purchase or meal delivery. But the first measurement is that you have to let clients know, your store is still operating – only in a new setup.

Whilst also Adello team works mainly from home office, we are still in operating mode and happy to support your requests! Reach out to us – #standingtogether to #flattenthecurve

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