Out now! Adello Magazine

Today’s Marketing is more challenged than ever these days – from a general messaging point of view but also in terms of choosing the best channels for communication. Webinars, digital conferences, podcasts, you name them, the offer is colorful, broad and diverse: information at its fullest.

That’s why we decided for a classical format for our magazine. A chance for slowing down in these hectic days of crisis management: sit down and spend some time reading impulses from leading faces in the industry.

Times of crisis is also a chance on focusing on values such as good partnerships and trust in established leadership. We are very honored that our first Magazine edition starts with Harley Krohmer, Professor of Marketing and Director of the Institute of Marketing and Management at the University of Bern. One of our team members who had the pleasure of taking lectures in one of his courses, described Harley Krohmer as ‘one of the most remarkable and best professors’ he’s had during his studies.

Over the next few weeks we’ll publish one keynote per week – all free per pdf download – we hope you’ll enjoy the few minutes of ‘slowing down’ and take the opportunity to reflect.

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