Adello and SafeKiddo partner to protect children online

Adello + SafeKiddo

Adello announces its partnership with SafeKiddo, a parental control application.

In the world, we have over 1 Billion children above the age of 10, who will soon get a mobile phone. After some years, they will probably be also on social media. That means there is a high probability that they will, unfortunately, be exposed to inappropriate content too. Every parent would like to keep their children safe from that, and SafeKiddo will give them the protection they are seeking. Mums and dads can choose which apps can be used or not used, set a screen time control, online monitoring, safe search, and many other features.

The Parental Control Software Market is growing exponentially, expressed by a 10% growth per annum (CAGR). Valentín Ornia, Director of Corporate Development at Adello, highlights: “The parental control software market is expected to witness the highest growth in the global market, owing to the increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets by children, complemented by the expansion of the business of Internet services providers”.

The topic of youth media is of great importance. For this reason, we see media and telecommunication providers actively involved in this topic, opening a new revenue stream. With this partnership, SafeKiddo has the opportunity to expand its marketing outreach across Europe.

On the other side, according to Valentin Ornia, “Adello will unlock the new market opportunities and continues its innovation process much broader scale. This partnership allows recognizing different strategic opportunities and adapting to the market changes that arise in the highly dynamic tech industry ”.

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