New creative: VR showroom

Today we are happy to announce a new creative release: the VR (virtual reality) showroom.

People interested in buying a new product or are just curious about a new feature or model normally want to go to a showroom and look at it from different angles. What if we give the potential customers the possibility to do it virtually?

Unlike virtual presentation on the website, mobile advertising reaches people while reading news, browsing on the web, or using mobile apps. This gives brands a great opportunity to catch the attention of prospective clients and stay in their minds.

“While working with multiple luxury brands in Europe and APAC, we apply not only innovative technologies but also knowledge on psychological and behavioral components of online users. Each creative attracts its audience with their interactive excellence and engages addressing emotional appeal and desire.” – Anna Pak, Head of Marketing at Adello.

360° view of VR Showroom creative uses smartphone gyroscope or touch screen to walk a user around. The sophisticated structure of the creative allows brand storytelling by adding multiple locations and product details.

For example, Rolex invites its digital clients to one of their stores. The experience starts with walking by the famous path leading to the store. The stunning showroom inside lets users look around and come closer (zoom) to the most appealing products. The product details may appear upon the user approach to the trigger point.

Valentin Ornia, Director of Corporate Development at Adello, highlights the potential of this feature for businesses: “VR Showroom allows prospective clients to look inside the stores, hotels or even restaurants through mobile advertising or website. It is an excellent opportunity for brands to present the uniqueness of their products or the luxurious identity of their environment. Giving some emotional feel and touch to the audience via immersive visual experience, marketers get an excellent chance to grow their revenues.”

Try out the VR Showroom in our creative gallery.

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