Adello Contributes to the Apache H​​​adoop Project

Redwood City, CA – August 26, 2015 - Adello contributes to the Apache™ Hadoop® project, an open-source software used for reliable, scalable, distributed computing of large data sets.

Adello is among companies like Yahoo!, Facebook and Cloudera who regularly contribute to software development of the various Apache Hadoop projects. Adello leveraged work from the Apache community to shape its infrastructure, in order to build an industry-leading technology platform. Adello's infrastructure spans across three continents, which not only acquires 10 billion data points per day but also analyzes more than one petabyte of that data on a daily basis. Dr. Volkmar Uhlig, CTO and Co-founder of Adello, explains, "Open-source Big Data technologies, such as Hadoop, Cassandra, and Spark, democratize access to technology and enable startups like ours to build comparable infrastructure to large Internet companies. This promotes a revolutionary environment where the scarcest resource is talent and not access."

Adello's unique proprietary technology is based on award-winning HStreaming, which Adello acquired in 2013. HStreaming won accolades from Gartner when forecasted to change the world of Big Data in the Cool Vendor report for Big Data and Infrastructure in 2012. HStreaming was a fundamental ground breaking change to Apache Hadoop allowing data at Internet scales to be processed in real-time. Adello used that technology to develop a unique advertising solution that measures and predicts receptiveness of ads for each mobile user at distinct times and locations.

Volkmar adds "Contributing back to the community empowers the next generation of small companies to keep innovating. It is our way of showing thanks to the brilliant contributors before us." Adello has so far contributed to Apache Pig, Apache Parquet, and Apache Cassandra.

​​​About Adello​

Adello is reshaping the advertising industry as we know it today. Adello's media-buying platform harnesses the power of Big Data technology delivers mobile advertising to the right customer at the right time and location. More than 500 advertising partners trust Adello's self-learning campaigns to achieve their brand and direct-response goals in diverse industries from retail to luxury cars to financial services. Adello has offices in Europe, North America, and Asia. For more information, please visit: http://www.adello.com

Contact: Jana Uhlig, CMO