​​​Technology Matters

Adello continuously uses thousands of parameters and re-computes your optimal audiences 100,000 times a second


Our unique technology mimics how our brains make decisions. We take thousands of inputs every second, make sub-second decisions, and learn instantaneously from a mobile user’s feedback. Precisely, we take 50,000 parameters and recomputed optimal algorithms for each campaign 100,000 times a second. This enables us to provide unmatched audience targeting, superior campaign results, and deeper insights.

Use of More Data than Anybody Else​

We use thousands of variables to optimize your campaign because we can. Everybody understands that more and more relevant data leads to better campaign results, but less than a handful of companies worldwide have the ability to handle such amounts of data in real ti​me.​

Continuous Analysis of All Data in Real Time

Mobile is about finding the right moment. Your customers make purchasing decisions based on where they are and how they feel right now and not yesterday. So we do too. Everything that we do is in real time, becaus​e your customers make decisions here and now.

Self-optimizing Campaigns

As your campaign is running, our real-time machine learning algorithms automatically converge to the optimal performance, like you learn from all your past and current decisions and experiences.


Our campaigns use machine learning to self-optimize while they are running. As the campaigns get smarter and smarter, it allows you to acquire the right customers, gain actionable insights, and spend money wisely.

Acquire the Right Customers

As your campaign runs, machine-learning algorithms ensure that you are getting only the most valuable customers. Even better, all your prior campaign learnings are automatically stored in your private Audience Vault™ and are all automatically applied to your new campaigns.​

Gain Actionable Insights

All your campaigns are securely stored in a personal Audience Vault™ where they are accessible only by you and your team. You can see what worked and what did not work, so you can directly translate it into a new campaign. Re-engage customers that showed interest but did not end up buying your product or de-target customers that are never responsive. Learn from the entire 100% of audience, not just from those who have interacted with your ad.

Spend Money Wisely

Since all of your learnings are stored and automatically applied to your new campaigns, you never have to pay for those learnings again. You can also use alike models based on the results from your previous campaigns to target more of your most valuable customers with a smaller budget. Finally, you start spending money only on customers that you truly want. ​

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